Five Questions to Ask When Hiring An Employment Lawyer


1) About the Company: What is your firm’s philosophy on practicing law? Please explain what makes you and your staff different from other firms out there who may be more inclined to take a case all the way to trial?

We know that every case has value, and we work hard for our clients to ensure they receive full value for their cases. We do this by striving for complete satisfaction through cost effective solutions and savings in time and money.

2) About You: Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your experience as an employment lawyer, what makes you different from other lawyers out there? And why should our client choose to hire you?

A lawyer practicing employment law in Ontario for over 20 years. As a former manager of employment standards for the province of Ontario it is my responsibility to ensure that clients receive the best possible solution for their needs within the parameters of the legislation protecting them. I do this through communication with my clients and understanding their individual requirements. Working collaboratively allows me to be able to focus on providing creative solutions at all times. In addition, I have been voted one of Canada’s top ten lawyers in an online poll conducted by the Canadian Lawyer Magazine. This award means a lot to me, because it is based on results and not self promotion or advertising. The fact that my clients have elected me as one of the top Employment lawyer Toronto speaks volumes.

3) About Your Practice: What types of cases do you handle? How many cases have you handled in your career? How much money have you helped save for our client through cost-effective solutions and less time spent going to trial versus settling out of court?

I practice all aspects of employment law including wrongful dismissal, human rights violations, workplace harassment and termination without just cause pursuant to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA). I also negotiate severance packages for employees which can be a huge savings to the client. In addition, I have worked on cases involving discrimination and harassment, as well as those dealing with the termination of employees who have medical issues. I have been practicing for over 20 years and have helped save clients millions of dollars by settling their wrongful dismissal disputes out of court rather than going to trial.

4) What is your strategy for our case? How do you intend to win the case and get the result we want?

There is no such thing as a “win or lose” case. best employment lawyer Toronto look at all disputes from a practical perspective and seek creative and cost effective ways of settling cases so my clients receive very good value for their cases. My approach allows me to represent my client’s best interests and ensure that they receive fair treatment throughout the litigation process. As well, I am constantly evaluating my cases in an effort to ensure that my clients spend as little time as possible engaged in litigation matters while still receiving excellent results.

5) If our client was unable to come up with the entire retainer today, what can we expect your billing process to be like? Do you have a monthly retainer fee, hourly rate or flat fee for your services?

Every employment law firm bills differently. I do not charge by the hour or on a monthly basis. I provide fixed fees for all of my services which are quoted up front so there are no surprises later. This ensures that my clients are aware of their total costs to complete their matter prior to engaging our services. If time is required beyond the original contract amount, it will be at an agreed upon hourly rate.

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